Friday, May 28, 2010

It's a Wonderful World : [Nature] Vol 1

These photos wouldn't be possible to have appear here if not for Ong's continual posting of his D90 photos, which in a sense, makes me wanna show off as well. Apart from that, I'm also in the process of reorganizing my photos and revisit some of my best memories via these photos : )

Enjoy the photos ! They are in no apparent order, nor any thematic arrangement except that there are all related to the great mother nature : )

[If you happen to read this and you have any travel-related questions regarding some of the destinations I've been, feel free to drop me an email or a comment ! I'd love those : ) ]

Lake Tekapo, South Island [New Zealand]

Mountain Cook, South Island, Highest Mountain in New Zealand [New Zealand]

Mountain Cook, South Island [New Zealand]

Halong Bay, Hanoi [Vietnam]

Abisko National Park, [Nordic Sweden]

Abisko National Park [Sweden]

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona [USA]

Plateau Point, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona [USA]

Ribbon Falls onlooking the canyon, Grand Canyon National Park [USA]

Sequoia National Park [USA] <--Compare the size of the tree with the person on the left

Yosemite National Park [USA]

Yosemite National Park [USA]

: )

Actually I'm considering moving all my post away and have my own blogspot page. But I figure since .. well , lol there's not much going on here in this blog, I might as well commandeer this space.

Cheers !


9 said...

lol~ good one~ maybe we can have theme competition lo~ mother nature is a good one~ i try to find some compete u see see~

6 said...

"piak!" I heard a slap in the face of someone...LOL
Well, actually, you can consider moving it away...haha

9 said...

wat u mean o? ji bak yuan

cruSadER said...


I think this place really need some upkeep~